ProCo About Us
ProCo was founded by Charlie Wicks in 1974. ProCo builds audio interface products as simple as guitar and microphone cables to complex Dante Compatible digital systems, and facility distribution systems.

ProCo sells only to the trades through a network of professional manufacturers’ representatives, not to individual end users. We provide thousands of different products each day to service their needs. Our interests lie in the continual improvement of our services and products to our customers and their continued satisfaction with or performance.

ProCo serves the standard products market with a catalog of various useful items, as well as custom offerings (that now number over 100,000 in our database).

Growth has been consistent as our markets continue to grow and change. We continually strive to improve our methods (both incrementally and with breakthrough products) enabling us to keep our costs low and customer prices fair and stable. ProCo's average cable prices have increased less than 2% a year on average since 1988. Our Mission remains unchanged.
Our Mission

"To become our customers’ very best partner, by building a world class organization, through continual, rapid improvement in all that we do, and to share in the successes and failures of our efforts."