Siamese Twin Cables

ProCo Siamese Twins Cables are designed to provide quick, neat and reliable connection of audio mixers to self-powered full-range and bi-amplified loudspeaker systems, including products from Turbosound, JBL, EON, EAW, Meyer, Mackie and other professional audio manufacturers. Available with all common connector configurations required, ProCo Siamese Twins Cables combine balanced XLR-type audio lines with specially-shielded high-current AC power cordage in a ruggedly-jacketed composite cable assembly suitable for both fixed and portable professional sound system applications.
The proprietary, multi-conductor, ROHS-compliant, cable is available in two basic configurations, each incorporating a UL-listed PVC-jacketed 14-gauge 3-conductor power cable with a 100% coverage aluminum/mylar shield, and with one or two flexible double-shielded, 24 AWG twisted-pair, individually-jacketed audio cables, all within a tough yet supple overall matte-black outer jacket.

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EC9 - Siamese-Twin


EC2 - Siamese-Twin

EC5 - Siamese-Twin

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