SMA Series Snakes 1/4" Ret

Whether your multipair system will be used in a fixed installation or a portable application, ProCo SMA Series Snakes are clearly the ideal choice. Each ProCo SMA Series Snake stagebox is constructed of a virtually indestructible aluminum extrusion for incredible structural integrity. The low-profile box provides both excellent shielding and protection from connector damage. ProCo Multipair Audio Snakes are available in 8x4, 12x4, 16x4, 24x4, 24x8 and 32x8 (Mics + Returns) Fan to Box configurations. Standard lengths vary from 25 to 200FT. Custom lengths and configurations are available. Please contact the factory for details.

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8 x 4 - 1/4 Returns

12x4 - 1/4 Returns

16x4 - 1/4 Returns

24x4 - 1/4 Returns

4 Results (Viewing 1 - 4 of 4)