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StageMASTER SMA Snakes



  • Rugged, Low Profile, Extruded Aluminum T-channel Stagebox for Best Shielding and Connector Protection
  • DuraLink Series Multipair (2 x 24 AWG) Audio Cable
  • Individually Shielded Pairs (100% Coverage Foil Shield and Drain Wire)
  • Durable Matte PVC Outer Jacket
  • CL2 Rated to meet NEC Requirements
  • Plastic Tubing on Each Channel for a Tangle-free Fanout
  • Color-Coded Fanout and Easy Channel Number Identification
  • Nylon Cable Grip/Strain Relief for the Trunk
  • Rugged Amphenol Nylon XLR connectors on the Stagebox
  • Rugged Amphenol Metal-Shell Connectors for High-Use Durability on the Fan end
  • Available with 1/4" or XLR Returns
  • Limited 3 -Year Warranty


Whether your multipair system will be used in a fixed installation or a “medium-use” portable application, StageMASTER SMA Series Snakes are clearly the ideal choice.

Each StageMASTER SMA Series Snake stagebox is constructed of a virtually indestructible aluminum extrusion with a center T-channel for incredible structural integrity.  The low-profile box provides both excellent  shielding and protection from connector damage.

Mic inputs are rugged Amphenol nylon XLR panel connectors and returns are either Amphenol nylon XLR-type connectors or durable metal 1/4” T/R/S Panel Jacks (as designated).

The stagebox is wired with CL2-rated ProCo DuraLink Multipair Audio Cable to a 3 or 4 foot Fanout (determined by total number of channels) with  Amphenol Male and Female XLR connectors or metal shell  1/4” T/R/S Phone Plugs (as designated). 

For specifications of ProCo DuraLink Multipair Audio Cable, click here.

The cable is secured to the stagebox with a durable nylon strain relief.  The individual channels of the Fanout are protected with PVC-tubing for long flex-life, easy channel identification and a tangle-free fanout.

StageMASTER Multipair Audio Snakes are available in 8 x 0, 8 x 4, 12 x 4, 16 x 4 , 24 x 4, 24 x 8 and 32 x 8 (Mics x Returns) Fan to Box configurations.  Standard lengths vary from 25 to 200FT. Custom lengths and configurations are available.  Please contact the factory for details.  




Available in 8, 12, 16, 20 and 28 channel count (mics + returns = channel count) and 50, 100 and 150 foot lengths.  Available with either XLR or 1/4” T/R/S returns.


For custom lengths or custom configurations, please contact the factory.  ProCo will strive to provide your system with the components you require.   It is our goal to provide you with exactly what you need, when you need it.

ProCo would be pleased to quote your multipair snake requirements.  Contact the factory at (800) 253-7360 to discuss your specific requirements.