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SAS1      Sports Announcer's Switch


  • Sturdy, noiseless push-to-talk switch
  • Can be used with both dynamic and condenser microphones
  • Passive design requires no batteries or phantom power to operate
  • Connects with standard microphone cables
  • Ideal for sporting event announcers


The ProCo SAS1 Sports Announcer’s Switch is a simple, rugged, desktop push-to-talk microphone switch designed specifically for sporting event announcers. This  microphone signal actuating device offers clean reliable performance with any balanced or floating low-impedance (150 ohm nominal) microphone or signal source.  SAS1 is designed for use with either condenser-type or dynamic microphones.    The SAS1 is ideally suited for use in sports event announcing applications but is equally suitable for any application where a desktop push-to-talk  device is required.  The SAS1 is backed by ProCo’s "2-Year Limited"  warranty.

To pass the microphone signal to the sound system,  the user simply depresses and holds down the push-to-talk button on the SAS1.  The SAS1 is a momentary press-to-talk switch, so the switch will need to remain depressed for as long as the user requires the signal to be “live”.  Releasing the switch will mute the microphone and prevent the signal from continuing to the sound system.  

Connections between the SAS1 and the microphone or signal source and to the sound system are made with standard microphone cables. SAS1 is intended for use with hand-held, desktop stand-mounted and headset mounted microphones.  

A female XLR-type connector is provided for Mic Input and a Male XLR-type connector is provided for Mic Output.  The SAS1 enclosure is formed of a 16-gauge steel top and a rugged 11-gauge, black epoxy painted steel base.  Steel provides excellent magnetic shielding from 60Hz AC hum fields. All control and connector function graphics are identified on a textured polycarbonate overlay.  The enclosure is with (4) non-conductive, anti-skid feet on the base of the unit.  Top-quality connectors and switches provide trouble-free service even in abusive situations such as remote broadcast and recording operations. 


    • High Resolution (CYMK, TIFF, 300 dpi, 3MB)
    • Low Resolution (RGB, JPG, 72, dpi, 27KB)