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RoadMASTER Custom


RoadMASTER Custom Configuration Options

The configurations and options presented here represent many of the most common customization requests.  If the configuration or particular options you require do not appear here, please contact the factory for an immediate quote.  ProCo would be delighted to provide you with the exact multipair audio system you desire.

If you require a digital audio distribution system, ProCo also produces the  Momentum® Digital Audio Distribuition Network.  To learn more about Momentum, visit www.procomomentum.com.



A hardwired feed thru snake is a box to two (2) fan snake.  The main trunk and fan is intended to go to the front of house console.  It will carry all of your mic inputs and your returns.  The second trunk and fan is intended to feed another location.  Typically, this would be a monitor console located on or near the stage.  The returns are not typically split to run through the second trunk. This hardwired split may be transformer-isolated or direct.



I/O boxes are offered in two versions, a narrow format floorbox for 12 thru 28 channel constructions and a wide format floorbox (pictured at left) for 32 thru 64 channel constructions.  The multipin I/Os are located on a face that is perpendicular to the connector field on the floor boxes. In the event that your box is customized as a 19” rack box,  the multipin I/Os are mounted  flush to the XLR connector field. ProCo floorboxes are engineered to provide protection of your critical conection points on both the connector field and multipin dicconnects for years of dependable performance.  

 Additional space has been provided on both the small and large format ProCo floor boxes to offer room for customer options as needed.  Space for additional hardwired or multipin feeds has been calculated into the design of these components.

Optional ProCo splitter transformers allow for one direct/one isolated and one direct/two isolated feeds.  Ground lift switches are recommended with the purchase of isolated splits.  Ground lift switches cab also be added to non-isolated constructions.  The large format floor box has 4 handholds provided for easy transport.


Color-coded fanouts are normally configured with male XLR connectors to input microphone signals into the mixing console and female XLR connectors to output returns back to the stage amplification.  Standard splay length is 4 feet.  The connectors are tie-wrapped in bundles of 4 or 8 for ease of identification during setup.  Additionally, each channel is identified with colored heat shrink tubing and individual channel numbers are hot-stamped on to the heat shrink.  The other end of the assembly is typically wired with the appropriate male multipin connector.  RoadMASTER Custom Snakes are available in 12, 16, 20, 28, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 channels. It would typically mate with the female multipin at the end of a trunk.



A linetail is a long fanout used primarily to connect the box’s isolated feed to the monitor console on stage.  Linetails are configured exactly like fanouts to perform a slightly different function.  They are differentiated from fanouts  by the presence odf a typically longer trunk length and the default multipins used are female.


RoadMASTER Custom Snake Trunks are built to customer specified length using ProCo Duralink A CL2-rated Multipair Audio Cable.  Our 64-channel trunks are constructed with 67-pair wire and 201-pin multipin connectors, providing a full 67 channels if needed.  The additional channels in the wire provide “spare for repairs” in our 64 channel versions.

RoadMASTER Custom Snakes typically specify male multipins on boxes and female multipins on the cables (exceptions: fanouts use male multipins, extension trunks use both male and female multipins).  Use of female multipin connectors allows either end of the main trunk to be pulled from the stage to the front of house, eliminating the embarrassment and hassle the pulling the “wrong end” could create.  Of course, male to female gendered trunks are available at the customer’s request.


Extension trunks are available in customer specified lengths.  Typical lengths would include 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 foot lengths.  A Male multipin connector is supplied on one end and a female multipin on the other end.  It is intended to be used as an extension to a main trunk (female to female multipin configuration).


Line boxes provide multiple input points on a stage, “uncluttering” the floor from the mutitude of microphone cables needed for most venues.  Line boxes use floorboxes, hardwired to the customer-specified length of  ProCo Duralink wire, terminated to a multipin connector.  The multipin connector is then intended to connect to the main system rack or floorbox.


Tourline bayonet-locking connectors have no threads to bind and offer a tri-lock audible, visual and tactile indication of locking.  The all-machined construction, thick wall coupling rings and shells and hard-wearing finish promise reliable connections for up to 2,000 insertions.  To assure that mating is reliable in the 64 channel system, the 201 pin connectors are equipped with an “overkill” mating scheme using a 5 key/5 keyway system which makes it impossible to mis-mate the connectors.

The multipin connectors are watertight when mated.  The gold plated contacts are easily fitted or removed during assembly or repair.  Insertion, extraction and crimp tools plus additional pins for emergency repairs are available.  Protective caps to secure the connectors for transportation are standard on all assemblies.

ProCo can outfit your multipair system with the multipin connectors of your choice.  Contact ProCo for pricing.


MASS 176 connectors are also available in cable- and panel-mount versions.  Our MASS connectors provide outstanding multipin connector reliability.  The rugged metal shell protects against maoisture and physical abuse.  The hermaphroditic design minimizes the number of required parts.  All MASS connectors include a heavy-duty dust cap and contacts.

ProCo can outfit your multipair system with the multipin connectors of your choice.  Contact ProCo for pricing.


ProCo can leave either end of your cable product unterminated.  From time to time, customers may prefer to make terminations in the field or in their own shop.  ProCo can provide your cable product blunt cut and unterminated at either or both ends at your request.


To facilitate ease of installation of a RoadMASTER Custom Snake, ProCo can prepare the ends of your cable product for your termination in the field and protect those ends for pulling through conduit.  Once you have the cable in place, unwrap the ends and each cable is prepped for your termination.


Reliable and readily available EDAC E-3 connectors are factory installed and numbered by experienced  ProCo technicians, on  plates, pull wires or both. Use of ProCo’s QLS option for field termination of your multipair interconnect can save time and reduce errors.  QLS ends can be delivered as shown or prepped for conduit pull. For more information on ProCo’s Quick Link Solution, click here.


The use of audiophile-grade ProCo MBT transformers allows RoadMASTER Custom Snakes to provide floating, low-impedance output(s) with wide, flat frequency response, ultra-low distortion, and minimal ringing or overshoot to degrade transient response. The transformer’s dual electrostatic shields used in conjunction with a ground lift switch provide isolation and buzz-free operation in virtually any environment.  Available options include one direct/one isolated output and one direct and two isolated outputs.  

ProCo MBT-1 and MBT-2 transformers are the default components used for transformer isolated splits.  ProCo will gladly quote an alternative transformer at the customer’s request.


Ground lift switches are highly recommended for all transformer isolated splitter snakes to provide buzz-free operation in virtually any environment.  Ground lift switches can also be added to non-transformer isolated splits as well.


 For DURALINK Multipair Audio Cable specifications, click here.


ProCo has chosen to use Tourline Multipin cable- and panel-mount connectors on all of their multipin disconnect products.  Your ProCo Multipair Audio Cable product will come with Tourline Multipin Connectors unless otherwise specified.  ProCo also provides MASS 176 Multipin cable- and panel-mount connectors among other brands and types of multipin connectors.  ProCo will provide your system with the components you require.   It is our goal to provide you with exactly what you need, when you need it.

ProCo limits the minimum trunk length to 6 ft. and recommends a maximum main trunk length that does not exceed 500 ft.  trunk lengths are typically quoted in increments of 5 ft.  

ProCo would be pleased to quote your multipair snake requirements.  Contact the factory at (800) 253-7360 to discuss your specific requirements.