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"Straight Talk On Digital Audio for Churches"

CEO Charlie Wicks "Straight Talk On Digital Audio for Churches"

Digital audio and video systems can be effective communication tools for your worship services.

Digital snake systems are now affordable because of mass production. They offer significant advantages in flexibility while providing new capabilities that equate to ease of setup, use, and simplified operation for your tech teams.

In contrast, the amount of money required for the physical construction and installation of analog audio systems is unnecessary. The miles of analog audio wire running through costly, code-required steel conduit and the significant labor it takes to get the system installed creates needless expense.

While still providing analog wiring products to hook up 200 churches a week, over 10,000 a year, ProCo Sound has designed Momentum, a digital audio wiring system.

With Momentum the above mentioned labor can be cut by weeks, even months. This equates to money saved for the Church. The labor required for analog audio cables and installation can be reduced 40% to 60% by using proven Ethernet technology. Depending upon the system, savings could be from $25,000 to $100,000.

Momentum can reduce the woes and limitations of analog wiring, reduce the costs of installation and reduce the costs of the building infrastructure. However, the truly wonderful attribute of Momentum is the advantages it brings to your Technical Ministry.

The church saves money and the audio tech team gains significant new capabilities.

The money you save is yours to apply towards the purchase of items you had to drop because of your budget. Saving money and gaining flexibility, expandability and possibilities is how ProCo Sound helps hundreds of facilities just like yours.

Please give me a jingle, or send me an E-mail as I will be happy to talk with you personally, and get you the answers to any questions you may have.

Warmest Regards,

Charlie Wicks
CEO, ProCo Sound, Inc.

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