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LS82      8 Channel (2 Way) Rack Mount Line Splitter


  • Provides 2-way Split for Line Level Outputs
  • True Floating Transformer Isolation
  • Isolates Unbalanced Line-Level Outputs
  • 8 Channels in a Single Rack Space
  • Ideal for Portable and Permanent Sound Systems
  • Connects with Phoenix COMBICON Plug-in Screw Connectors
  • Allows Assembly of Economical Expandable Splitting System
  • Rugged ProCo Uni-Box Construction Provides Protection and EMI/RMI Shielding


The ProCo TradeTools LS82 Eight-Channel Line Splitter splits the signals from each of eight line-level sources into two outputs, as well as provides eight high-quality 1:1 line-level output transformers for applications requiring the high degree of electrical isolation only transformers can provide. 

The primary applications for the LS82 are in sound reinforcement systems where it may be necessary to break ground loops between pieces of equipment connected with unbalanced lines, as well as feeding two inputs with one source. For instance, the LS82 can be used to float the unbalanced outputs of an active crossover unit that must drive long cables connected to power amplifier inputs while still offering the direct output for nearfield monitors. 

In such complex systems grounding problems can cause both unacceptable noise levels and severe shock hazards. Transformer isolation in such situations minimizes interference from SCR lighting dimmers, radio transmitters and 60 Hz AC power wiring. Furthermore, the common-mode voltage range of a transformer makes it far more forgiving of improper connections or fault conditions than any electronically balanced or “differential” transformerless circuit. This makes transformer-floated outputs essential for safeguarding portable sound reinforcement systems and installations.

The LS82 is fitted with Phoenix COMBICON plug-in screw connectors for LINE IN, DIRECT OUT, and ISO OUT so hookup requires only bare conductors and a screwdriver. 

The use of the ProCo LOT-P transformer allows the LS82 to provide floating, low-impedance outputs with wide, flat frequency response, ultra-low distortion, and no ringing or overshoot to degrade transient response. 

The GND/LIFT switch provides isolation and buzz-free operation in virtually any environment. The LS82’s rugged 16–gauge steel and aluminum “Uni–box” construction enclosure is finished in a durable black texture powder coat finish with black anodized aluminum side channels. Easy–to–read control graphics are incorporated into the Lexan® front and back panel overlays. Inside, the specially designed transformers combine superb audio quality with unsurpassed noise rejection. The LS82 can be mounted in any standard 19” (482.6mm) rack. Top-quality connectors and switches provide trouble-free service even in abusive situations such as remote broadcast and recording operations. The rack-mounting design allows the user to assemble a conveniently packaged expandable splitting system that combines top-quality audio performance and isolation with an economical price.




All measurements made with 0 Ω source feeding LINE IN and 600 Ω load on all ISO OUT to simulate typical "real world" source and load. LOT-P transformers configured for 1:1 operation.  
0 dBv ref. = .775 volts.

Phase response and rise time measurements are essentially those of the driving amplifier used rather than those of the LOT-P transformer.

Frequency Repsonse:

20 Hz - 20 kHz, ± .5 dB @ 0 dBv output.
-3 dB @ approximately 85 kHz.

Total Harmonic Distortion:
<.25% 20 Hz - 20 kHz @ 0 dBv output.
<.5% 30 Hz - 20 kHz @ +18 dBv output.
<1% 20 Hz - 20 kHz @ +18 dBv output.
Phase Response:
<-3 degrees @ 20 kHz (ref. 1.0 kHz).

Rise Time:
<4.5 microseconds (2.0 kHz square wave, 10%-90%).

Voltage Loss:

<2.0 dB @ 1.0 kHz.

Input Impedance:
>680 Ω @ 1.0 kHz.
>680 Ω @ 10kHz.
Nominal source impedance is 0 Ω.

Output Impedance:
<120 Ω @ 1.0 KHZ.
<120Ω @ 10 kHz.
Nominal output impedance is 1.0 kΩ.

Maximum Input Level for 1% THD:
+20 dBv @ 20 Hz.
+24 dBv @ 30 Hz.
+30 dBv @ 50 Hz.


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