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iGate      Audio Gateway



  • Convenient connection point for MP3 players and laptop computers, instrument-level sources and a mic input to house sound systems
  • Floating transformer-balanced XLR output for instrument and line-level inputs
  • XLR input for mic pass-thru
  • Single rack space
  • Ideal for installation in meeting rooms, churches, clubs, theaters, and one-man-band portable applications


The ProCo iGate Audio Gateway is a device that provides simple and reliable connection of  three different audio sources to the balanced microphone inputs of audio mixing consoles.  It serves as a mic input, a direct box and an MP3 player interface all together in a conveniently packaged single rack-space unit. The iGate provides a pass-through input for a balanced microphone,  inputs for the stereo headphone output of audio devices such as MP3 players, Apple® iPods, laptop computers and consumer-type CD and DVD players, and an input for unbalanced “instrument” signal sources.    

MIC IN input is wired directly to MIC OUT on the rear panel for a convenient microphone pass-through. The INSTRUMENT input accepts unbalanced instrument or other signal sources and, through the use of the ProCo DBT-P direct box transformer, provides a floating transformer-balanced output through the INSTRUMENT OUT on the rear panel.  The iGate provides both a stereo mini COMPUTER/iPOD input and left/right RCA phono LINE LEVEL INPUT inputs for easy connection of MP3 or computer audio outputs with standard patch cables. A STEREO/MONO switch provides passive input summing to a dual mono output feed where required. The inputs may be used simultaneously.  If only a single source is used, the second set of inputs may be used to derive an unbalanced mono feed for recording purposes.

All outputs (except MIC OUT) are transformer-isolated via the ProCo audiophile-grade transformers. The transformers offer wide bandwidth, low distortion and phase shift. They are magnetically shielded in mu-metal cans and

electrostatically isolated with dual Faraday shields. The result is near-ideal rejection of common-mode signals from all sources of RFI and EMI, including radio pickup, SCR dimmers and 60 Hz hum.

The GND/LIFT switch allows correct grounding for either AC or battery-powered sources, eliminating hum and buzz from ground loops between portable and house equipment.  The GND/LIFT switch affects the COMPUTER/iPOD and LINE LEVEL IN L/R inputs only

The iGate’s rugged 16–gauge steel and aluminum “Uni–box” construction enclosure is finished in a durable black texture powder coat finish with black anodized aluminum side channels. All functions are clearly identified by laser-engraved legends, providing an attractive and professional appearance in addition to trouble-free technical functionality.  The iGate can be mounted in any standard 19” (482.6mm) rack. Top quality connectors and switches provide trouble-free service even in abusive situations such as remote broadcast and recording operations. 




All measurements made with a 20 kΩ source feeding IN/OUT and 1.0 kΩ load on LO-Z OUTPUT to simulate typical "real world" instrument pick up and mic preamp.  0 dBv ref. = .775 volt.

Frequency Repsonse:
20 Hz - 20 kHz, +/- 0.5 dB @ -15 dBv output.
-3 dB @ approximately 85 kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion:
< .03% 20 Hz - 20 kHz @ -30 dBv output.
< 0.1% 30 Hz - 20 kHz @ -15 dBv output
< .25% 20 Hz - 20 kHz @ -15 dBv output.

Phase Response:
< -18 degrees @ 20 kHz (ref. 1.0 kHz).

Rise Time:
< 4.5 microseconds (2.0 kHz square wave, 10% - 90%).

Voltage Stepdown:
< 22 dB @ 1.0 kHz

Input Impedance:
> 130 kΩ @ 1.0 kHz (INST mode).
>105 kΩ @ 10 kHz (INST mode).
Nominal source impedance is 20 kΩ.

Output Impedance:
< 200 Ω @ 1.0 kHz.
< 215 Ω @ 10 kHz.

Maximum Input Level @ 50 Hz for 1% THD:
+16 dBv @ 20 Hz.
+21 dBv @ 30 Hz.
+26 dBv @ 50 Hz.

Frequency Repsonse (Re: 1.0 kHz):
+0.2 dB @ 20 Hz
-0.6 dB @ 20 kHz
-0.4 dB @ 65 kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion:
< 0.1% 30 Hz - 20 kHz @ -15 dBv output

Voltage Loss (@ 1.0 kHz):
1.0 dB

Input Impedance:
150 kΩ.

Secondary Source Impedance:
270 Ω @ 1.0 KHZ.

600 V winding/shield/winding