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Mini Size Pocket

Mini Size Pocket Floor Box

pocketmini flap pocketmini linedrawing

Our recessed floor input pockets are designed for permanent installations requiring multiple microphone, speaker, and/or video connections. Made from heavy duty steel, these are designed for durability and ease of use.

  • Heavy duty 3/16 inch mounting flange and lid
  • Multiple cable exit options (gap, flap, hole)
  • Black powdercoated finish
  • Loaded insert plates or blank inserts available (to be ordered separately)
  • Custom engraving for insert plates available


Model Description
POCKETMINI-FLAP Mini box with flap lid for full closure
POCKETMINI-GAP Mini box with 3/8" gap/slot lid
POCKETMINI-HOLE Mini box with 2 hole traditional lid






pocketmini flap pocketmini gap pocketmini hole
Pocket Mini Flap Pocket Mini Gap Pocket Mini Hole