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DBA1      Active Direct Box


  • Phantom Powered 
  • Transformer Balancing and Decoupling
  • Input Clip Indicator
  • Phantom Power Indicator
  • Low Noise Floor/High Headroom
  • 40 dB, Two-Step Pad
  • Unbalanced XLR Input for Line Checking
  • recessed Switches and Surface-mounted Connectors Resist Damage
  • Rugged ProCo Uni-Box Construction Provides Superior Protection and Shielding


The ProCo TradeTools DBA1 is an active circuit direct box that offers clean and reliable performance both on stage and in the studio environment.  Like a passive direct box, it can be used for nearly any instrument or signal source, from electric bass, keyboards to drum machines and submixers. One of the advantage of active electronics is a much wider frequency response.

The DBA1 offers both electronic balancing and impedance matching.  It features a ¼” input and a parallel ¼” output, plus an unbalanced XLR input for easy line checks.  The input features a two step PAD for up to 40dB of attenuation and a clip indicator to warn when the input is being overdriven.  On the output side, is a balanced XLR output, a ground lift switch, and a phantom power indicator to confirm the presence of phantom power at the mic cable.  

The DBA1 utilizes ProCo’s industry leading MBT1 isolation transformer for signal-path decoupling.  Low noise, a high dynamic range, and extended frequency response makes the DBA1 a great choice for all active direct injection needs.

Built for the road, but equally at home in the recording studio, the DBA1’s rugged 16-gauge steel and aluminum “Uni-box” construction enclosure is finished in a durable black texture powder coat finish with black anodized aluminum side channels. Easy to read control graphics are incorporated into the Lexan® top panel overlay.


All measurements made with 20 kΩ source feeding INPUT and 1.0 kΩ load on all LO-Z OUTPUT to simulate typical "real world" instrument pick-up and mic preamp. 0 dBv ref. = .775 volt.

Frequency Repsonse:
30 Hz - 20 kHz, ± 1.0 dB

Noise Floor:
<-107 dBu, un-weighted, 22 Hz - 22 kHz.

Power Requirements:
+30-48 VDC, 7 mA, Phantom Power.

Input Impedance:
>1 MΩ @ 1.0 kHz. (NO PAD)
>47 kΩ @ 1.0 kHz. (20 dB PAD)
>43 kΩ @ 1.0 kHz. (40 dB PAD)

Maximum Input Level:
+12 dBu (NO PAD).
+32 dBu (20 dB PAD).
+52 dBu (40 dB PAD).

Maximum Output:
+12 dBu.

Clip Light Level:
+11.5 dBu.